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We understand that ants in your home can be unsettling, especially when they damage your beautiful kitchen cabinets. That’s why our team of skilled pest control experts at Teacher’s Spraying Service is committed to effectively and safely removing ants from your house. With our guidance, you can restore balance to your living environment again.

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Why Should You Rely on Professionals?

We understand that you may want to handle the ant infestation on your own as soon as possible. However, there are several reasons why searching for professional assistance is a smart choice. These reasons include the following:

  • Knowledge about types of ants: A trained expert can accurately identify the type of ant and determine which treatments are most effective for its elimination.
  • Treatment for the root of the problem: A professional will be able to apply the right treatments that remove existing ants and provide preventative measures against future infestations.
  • Faster and more efficient results: You could be spending days trying to eliminate ants on your own, but with the help of a professional, your home can be ant-free faster.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Services

Trust in the work today and tap into the following benefits of our pest control services:

Use of Safe Methods 

As a pest control company, we only use eco-friendly products safe for families and pets. This ensures that your home remains free from any hazardous material while keeping all the members of your household safe.

Experienced Team That Will Listen

Ants infestation is not an easy problem to tackle. Because of this, our team’s comprehensive services will take into account your exact needs, as well as the unique characteristics of your property. So, you can bet on us for a personalized solution that works best for your home.

Save Money with Affordable Prices

Our pest control services are offered at competitive prices. This means that you get the best quality at a cost-effective price.

Stop the Ants by Following This Plan

Follow these steps to get our help as soon as possible:

  1. Find our contact information here and reach out to us.
  2. Let us know a good day for us to inspect your home.
  3. We will eliminate your ant problem as soon as possible.

Get the Ants Pest Control Service You Deserve



Enjoy a home free of ants by contacting Teacher’s Spraying Service in St Louis, MO. With our amazing pest control services, we will work on a customized plan to eradicate the ant infestation from your home. So, choose us today and start the process towards an ant-free home that will guarantee you will be a thrilled homeowner.

What Makes Us Different?

Family-owned Business




Eliminate Any Pests

How Our Process Works

Learn how our process works so you can finally get rid of rats and mice at your property!



We’ll come out to your property and conduct a thorough inspection. This will help us identify the type of pests you’re dealing with and determine the best course of action.


We Develop a Plan

Once we’ve identified the pests, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan. We design this plan to get rid of the pests quickly and efficiently while also being safe for your family and pets.


Say Goodbye to the Rats and Mice!

We’ll implement the treatment plan and continue to monitor your property until the pests are gone. We’ll also provide you with tips on preventing rats and mice from returning in the future.


Dan was great when he came out. He explained everything he was going to do.
Kris Fisher
Kris Fisher
The service we receive is tops with us. Try them if you don’t believe us. You will not be disappointed.
Dee Dee Lewitt
Dee Dee Lewitt
Friendly and conscientious and right on time. Very thorough spraying hard to access spots.They always go the extra mile.
rick yehling
rick yehling
They took the time to really listen to our concerns and really went the extra mile to help us! Their customer service is outstanding! I would definitely recommend them!
S Hamilton
S Hamilton
Always friendly and knowledgeable
Jennifer Solovic
Jennifer Solovic
I’ve been using Teachers for years. I’ve always been pleased with their service. Always on time, friendly, they wear shoe covers and they are in and out in no time. I highly recommend them.
Colette Orrick
Colette Orrick

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