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As a proud homeowner, you have given your best to keep your home in great shape and enjoy it for many years. However, after finding little spiders crawling all over the furniture in your living room, panic starts to set in; because who wants pests around when one has taken such good care of their home? That is why we at Teacher’s Spraying Service are here to help – so you do not have to go through this trouble anymore!

Managing a pest infestation in your house can be daunting and difficult to navigate on your own. That’s why our family-run, experienced pest control company has been aiding customers for over three decades! Eliminate any worries you may have so you can rest assured knowing the issue is resolved from the start.

What Pest Control Services Do We Offer?

Our team of pest control professionals offers residential and commercial services for all your bug-related needs, from mosquitos to spiders, cockroaches, and bed bugs – we’ve got you covered! Connect with us at 314-416-7558 so that one of our specialists can conduct an assessment on the premises to create a custom plan tailored just for you.

Teacher’s Spraying Service Works for You


Our company has the resources and expertise to swiftly and effectively handle your pest problem – no more stressing about it! We’ve been delivering top-notch solutions for many citizens in the area already. Let us do the same for you too.

Family-Owned Business

Tim Leaver and his son Dan have a sincere passion for the craft of pest control services, which is immediately noticeable when you speak with them. From ensuring superior service to providing beneficial education, helpful feedback, and proactive steps that guarantee your home remains pest-free – these two will help you every step of the process!

Care Not Only of the Present but Also of the Future

At Teacher’s Spraying Service, we don’t just address the current pest problem – we take a proactive approach that helps protect your home in Webster Groves, MO, from future infestations. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in identifying conditions that could attract pests, giving you the power and knowledge to manage them proactively.

Teacher’s Spraying Service Is Here To Help!

Don’t let the thought of spiders scuttling up your walls or furniture terrify you. Our team at Teacher’s Spraying Service in Webster Groves, MO, is here to help keep your home a safe and pest-free haven for years to come. Stop searching for ¨pest control near me¨ and contact us today so that those creepy crawlers have no chance of invading any part of your house!


How Our Process Works

Learn how our process works to keep your home pest-free all year round!


Inspection and IPM Program Design

We provide a thorough inspection during our initial, free assessment to determine which pests are present, possible harborage areas, sources, and sanitation problems. Then we deliver a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) pest control program tailored to the site’s specific needs.



We educate our clients about the conditions that encourage pest problems, how they can be alleviated, and the type(s) of treatment available. It’s essential that our customers are well educated and up to date on pest prevention and pest control methods.



Based on the pest(s) and infestation levels, we employ a pest control strategy tailored to your needs.

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